Updating, updating content and information, updating a product catalog. Once a month or by prior arrangement several times a month. Starting from 20 EUR per month. If you choose to administer the website yourself, you will receive instructions in a visible way, with pictures.

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Website for business

Creating a website is an effective way to attract customers and partners. Functional, with an attractive design, it will serve as your business card in the Internet environment. The most suitable solution for your type of business will be selected so that the offered services reach customers easily and quickly. If necessary, the site will be registered Google analytics, thus, attendance statistics will be available. All pages will be subject to basic SEO optimization (without content development) - keywords and metadata will be created, they will be registered Google search console, so that they can be easily found in search engines a few days after publication. Google maps integration so that customers can find you quickly and easily, which is especially important if you serve customers in person.


Whether your passion is fishing or fashion, a blog can be helpful. Adding a blog to a business website is also worth it from the point of view of search engine optimization and attracting customers. You will be able to edit your content, reply to comments (with or without facebook authorization), and share your posts on social networks with one click. The news / news portal is also essentially a blog and is on offer. Podcasts are becoming more and more popular, they can also be integrated into a blog or if you need to use the page as a platform for podcasts.

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Online shop

Creating an online store based on the WooCommerce platform. Ability to fully personalize your online store, integration of various payment systems. Wide range of designs, fully personalized categories, cart, billing and thank you pages, cheaper maintenance compared to analog platforms. Various product and category filters, fast and working without full page reloading, invoice generation, delivery. After a short training, the store owners will be able to add, remove and edit items in their online store.  

Website developement for a project

I will create a website for a university project, public event, association, or any other project that requires a face in a virtual environment. Ability to create an online gallery, archive, news page, publish progress reports, and more. Inform the interested parties as well as the participants about the current events with the help of a modern website. Regardless of the size of the project, a personalized website will give it extra weight in the eyes of those interested.

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