My name is Kristaps Fishers,

I am a self-employed web developer and designer.

What do I work with?

I work with WordPress content management system, programming languages ​​HTML and CSS, and learning JavaScript as well. Image processing - Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, sketches and visual design, wireframes - Figma. Of course also Chrome DevTools.

Why WEB?

Satisfying work and learning that bring joy. Looking at the forecasts for the development of the field in the next 10 years, the raw material for these feelings will be enough for a long time.

What do I offer?

  • Work with full capacity regardless of the size and complexity of the project.
  • Fair treatment and guarantee for my work.
  • Individual approach to each project.
  • Active communication to implement your idea as accurately and quickly as possible.

Briefly about me

Prior to COVID19, I built stages and lights for concerts and events in recent years.It seemed that I had found an area where i could work for at least couple more years, but the work in the industry came to a complete halt. Web development and related things have been in my sight for some time, but I didn't have time to get involved as much as i would like. I decided to use the situation to change not only the industry in which I work, but also life in general, to gain financial independence and never have to get up in the morning with the thought "how I don't want to go to work today".
When I don't work or study, I spend time with my daughter, I try to be on the water as often as possible during the spinning season. I take care of water and land turtles as well as aquarium fish.